Veritas is a ‘GOOD’ school!

Veritas Primary Academy has received its first Ofsted report following the inspection earlier this month. It is very pleasing to read such positive things about our school and I am very happy with the conclusions the inspectors came to after spending two days in school. It is testament to the skills of the inspectors that they were able, in a relatively short time, to recognise the many things that we are so proud of here at Veritas Primary Academy and to sum up our school so succinctly.

The Ofsted framework is designed to challenge schools to achieve the highest standards. The lead inspector told me at the conclusion of the inspection that we were within touching distance of the top grades and it is my intention to continue to drive improvements so that our school continues to offer the very best we can for the children in our care.

There are many comments that I could pick out to highlight that we are very proud to read, but I do not wish to repeat what is written in the report – the words speak for themselves. However I would like to comment on what the inspectors said really stood out for them and that is the ethos and atmosphere within the school. This is nothing that can be manufactured or prepared for when the inspectors call – it is something that takes years to develop and will only be in place when all members of the staff are pulling in the same direction with the same expectations.

I am eager and keen to meet the challenges ahead and will do everything in my power to continue to raise attainment, as will my staff. Underpinning that, however, is something less

tangible – the values we try and teach the children, the way they treat each other, the way they behave both in class and out – ultimately the way we want them to develop as members of a community where respect and care are paramount. Having this surely makes us better placed to address the areas we can get even better at, as does having as a committed and skilful staff as I do here.

I feel great satisfaction as we head towards half term that we are doing everything we can to support and guide your most prized possessions – your children – and this has been recognised in such a positive report. I would like to thank all parents/carers who support our work so well because without that partnership children would not flourish as they do.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Kerr
Head Teacher

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